ControloC Thermofan S15

Digital Thermometer & Fan Control System


  • Intelligent cabinet temperature and fan control system with an external temperature sensor from 25˚C to +85˚C with 0,1˚C accuracy.
  • Bluetooth feature provides uploading new logo and data transferring opportunity
  • 3 channel dimmer feature controls speed of 2-wired fans according to the temperature on the trays of 2 fans, 4 fans or 6 fans.
  • It has real time date and clock.
  • The logo and temperature are displayed on screen by turns.
  • The last 24-hour temperature graphic can be displayed by pushing one button.
  • Easy setting configuration by two buttons
  • Communication with Bluetooth and ID assign
  • Supported by Android OS
  • Structure for automatic data collection is available.
  • Modular Bluetooth and Fan Control circuit




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