ControloC S200

The standalone S200 is an intelligent device for monitoring environmental variations, such as temperature, humidity, smoke,presence of water, etc. When a sensor goes out of range of aconfigurable threshold, the S200 will notify you via the web,e-mail or SNMP. 

Basic Features


  • Monitors and manages environmental and security conditions over internet
  • Built-in web interface for monitoring and configuring the unit
  • Creates alert with customized input parameters
  • Alerts are sent using e-mail and/or SNMP traps when any monitored environmental condition exceeds a user-specified range
  • Controls who and when open doors and allows you to get detailed log for all access attempts
  • Possible to open the door over the Web
  • Supplied with a MIB for integrating with various third party SNMP based Network Management systems such as Nagios and others



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