USBK CryptoBridge

USBK CryptoBridge offers the unlimited security in affordable for enterprises and governments. By combining the power of cryptography and freedom of USB flash drives, it provides mobile data security.

Featuring hardware-based 256-bit and 128-bit AES encryption and password for user ID verification, USBK CryptoBridge keeps removable data on USB flash drive/ USB External hard drive safe. It uses CBC mode of AES (Advanced Standard Encryption) which is accepted by NIST and NSA for use of critical data. Encryption is on-the-fly, always and transparent. On-the-fly encryption means that data is automatically encrypted or decrypted without any user intervention.

USBK CryptoBridge is a truly portable device which has the same mobility as a regular flash drive. True portability means the device can be used on any machine regardless of operating system. As long as USB mass storage is supported on the host system, then the device will operate like any USB storage device.

Usage of standard USB flash and external hard drives act as unlimited storage area, making it well-suited to needs of each organization.  It is a cost-effective solution for organizations that have ISMS (Information Security Management System). Management process based on USBK CryptoBridge can be adopted to implement information security controls in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 for requirement 10.7 that is related to data security in removable media.



Hardware-Based Encryption

  • On-board hardware 256-bit and 128-bit AES encryption
  • Uses CBC(Cipher Block Chaining) mode of AES
  • Encryption keys are managed in a chip – not USB Drive or PC
  • Encryption keys are also stored in AES encrypted form


Unlimited Capacity

  • Use any USB Stick or USB Harddisk in any capacity ; not limited in anyway


Cost effective

  • Encryption cost per Gigabyte reaches to 0$ as there is no limit in capacity


User Authentication

  • User password to prevent unauthorized access
  • Destroys all encryption keys and passwords after 3 wrong password attempts


Easy to use

  • Just plug into USB ports, login and use
  • No need to install driver & Pop-up GUI for Windows (.net framework dependent)
  • USB 2.0 High Speed (USB 1.1 backward support)


Compatible across multiple platforms

  • Independent from operating system
  • Usage on test and measurement equipments such as oscilloscope, EKG, etc.


Multi-key option

  • Create different encryption keys for your work and personal data


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