PCI Express

PCI Express

The former is what most PCI Express systems employ now. Motherboards feature PCI Express sockets. It is well established as the interconnect of choice for many high performance applications and used across many industries including computing, aerospace, wireline and wireless communications vendors, embedded systems. Compared to PCI, it is fast- 2.5-GHz speed while PCI tops out at 133 MHz. But will dealing with this high-speed serial technology be easier or harder?

A knowledge of PCI Express is needed, which means comprehending very high-speed analog design. Power and clock distribution, less critical aspects of PCI system design, have become quite significant. Systems that could be built on four-layer boards now require eight-layer boards with multiple ground and power planes.

All of these leave two alternatives: bite the bullet and learn how to design to the new standard or take no risk and outsource your development.

Tamara has experience with PCI Express device design and can apply that into your projects to achieve a design ideally suited for your application and market.

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