GSM provides excellent usability and various functions for controlling machines and applications form a distance.

GSM Modules are latest step towards embedded wireless intelligence. They allow you to connect your embedded device anywhere in the world where cell phones are used. We have development experince with Telit GSM modules and our design capabilities include:

  • GSM900 Mhz/GSM 1800 Mhz
  • AT&T Commands set
  • Data/Voice/SMS messaging
  • Remote I/O Control via SMS


We can help you to find best solution at your application in world of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication with GSM modules of any  vendors.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is now a well established, low-cost technology with a wide range of applications. Tamara has a thorough understanding of GPS product design and offers GPS development engineering solutions. We can integrate GPS functionality into your product. We have developed embedded firmware that parses the NMEA and also have development experience with the proprietary communications interfaces used by a variety of GPS module manufacturers.

We can provide the following GPS product design and GPS development engineering solutions:

  • Asset tracking devices
  • Vehicle tracking devices
  • Person tracking devices


If your engineering solution requires acquiring location information via the GPS satellite network, we can provide the answer.

If you would like to discuss the development of GSM-GPS enabled products or other possible solutions to your M2M communication and tracking or location system needs please contact us.

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