Ethernet is the most widely implemented networking standard. Most commercial offices and industrial factory workfloors are already wired for Ethernet connectivity. When wireless LAN is used across a factory floor, low cost bridges are available to connect wired Ethernet devices to a wireless network. Utilizing Existing Infrastructure is the key benefit for embedded Ethernet products.

Simply put, by embedding Ethernet onto a device, it has the capability to communicate via Ethernet without using a computer. You can setup a device with a web server and interact with much of its functionality though a web page. Thus, solutions for monitoring, configuring and even controlling local and remotely located devices have become easier to implement and considerably less expensive than traditional connectivity solutions.

Tamara has a thorough understanding of 10/100/1000 Ethernet interface standards, requirements, features and protocols for use in communications products. We have used Ethernet controllers from several semiconductor manufacturers. We can design Embedded Ethernet into a variety of devices across a wide range of applications from monitoring remotely located sensors to streaming data over Internet appliances.

We have the knowledge and experience e to provide the Ethernet product development and Ethernet circuit design solutions you need for your application.

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