Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux

Products have increasingly complex system software requirements, including Internet connectivity, a need to use the most competitive leading-edge microprocessor technology, and a need to support rapidly evolving and extremely complex I/O technologies.

Embedded Linux is a fast growing operating system which has the edge over other operating systems in reliability, scalability, modularization and robustness. With its open source model Linux has given developer independence and thereby the possibilities of increased innovation with limited effort. The scalability of Linux has enabled this operating system to fit into virtually anything and that has made Linux a sure winner in the field of embedded system development.

Embedded systems are becoming more and more sophiticated these days. Embedded systems are becoming replacements for PCs in entertainment and Personal assistance(e.g. set top boxes and PDA/Tablets).These necessities call for good GUI, word processing, etc. with more hardware constraints.

Overall Linux Capability

  •     Device Driver Development
  •     Middleware and protocol development
  •     Embedded Linux
  •     Optimized solutions and Porting to custom platforms and hardware
  •     Business Application Development


If your engineering solution requires acquiring Embedded Linux, we can provide the answer.

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